What do YOU want to hear about?

So this post is going to involve some participation. As you can see I have not been a very good blogger. I really want that to change. My problem is I don't know what to blog about?!?!

I know that people can blog about what they do during the day, or about a new product that they have come out with etc...but I want to blog about what my followers are interested in. I want to make it interesting and fun and something that everyone will want to read.

So my questions are:

What do you want to hear about? What would be something that you would be interested in me blogging about? Is there something that would be more beneficial to you?
Please let me know! Comment away! :)

I'll take all comments and advice into consideration! Thanks so much!

PS- for all of those who are interested: there will be a HUGE craft fair in Logan, UT. It will be in November! I'll have more on that later! But mark your calenders!


  1. I am having a really hard time planning meals for our family. It's always the same stuff over and over because I am too scared to try new things and it not work out! I really dislike planning a menu, and then it makes me not like cooking! I wish someone would just tell me what to make, and then I do it! :)

  2. It funny.. I just read a blog post on Pioneer Womens website today all about what to write about in blog post. Some of its silly but it may helpful for you!


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