Breakfast ON THE GO!

Every morning  I wake up, shower, get the kids ready, pack lunches, feed the kids breakfast, drink a cup of coffee and fly out the door! If I am showered and dressed then we are moving in the right direction! My kids' hair will be done but mine will be in a mom tail - pony tail that requires very little effort but still looks clean and up. Have I eaten breakfast?  No!  That is right Mama is running on just coffee.  Is that healthy for us moms?  No Way!  The problem is that I never find the five minutes of time that I need to get breakfast accomplished for myself. I should say I never prioritize those five minutes for myself.
Well I have just returned to my healthy eating patterns after taking about a 5 month hiatus ...I paid for every me! With healthy eating I have found that breakfast makes a HUGE difference.  I am not talking about numbers I see on the scale, although those change too,   I am talking about the energy I need to be a good mom to my kids!  I need to fuel my body in the morning so that I have energy to run, play, entertain, laugh, and create memories with the kiddos.

So how do you make breakfast when there is really never any time in the morning... Simple. Prepare for the fact that you are busy. What?  Yes, arm yourself with easy on the go meals!

Ok here are a few I LOVE!

I love this idea. I always have apples in the house for the kids and keep granola cereal for my Husband.  Yes, I said I don't feed myself breakfast but keep cereal in the house for my husband. I am aware that this is messed up!  Listen, I love to care for others, hence everyone else gets food.  Also, don't worry I make up for it at la la la LUNCH!  This is one of the things my healthy breakfast will fix. Ok, back to the apples. Simply take the apples, core them, slice them and then make a sandwich with peanut butter and granola.  I send one of mine to school and with all of the allergies in schools I would not want to make this with peanut butter in the morning so I would use a sunbutter or alternative. If I care about my kids health why not care about others too right!?

Make a bunch of burritos, freeze and reheat for on-the-go breakfast! Great recipe included!
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Next up is a hit for my husband and son!  We make this as a simple burrito made with a whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs, a pinch of low fat cheese, and turkey bacon. I can make these on the weekend and freeze them for the week. What a great protein source for us to start the day! Grab, defrost and go!

These egg muffins are great for a quick, delicious, on the go breakfast.  Make one batch to last you all week!
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This is more up my alley!  I love a good breakfast casserole and this can be that but with a whole lot of lovely extras!  Now I love spinach and mushrooms but I swear my son turns green if he puts a mushroom in his mouth. Using the cupcake tins allows you to put make individual portions so the ingredients can be changed up pretty easily.  These also can freeze well so you again can grab one, heat it and eat it!

Next up is a Kid favorite!  We can use this for  breakfast or dessert depending on how it is prepared... Banana roll anyone?
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Normally for a sweet snack we take a tortilla, spread a T of peanut butter, almond butter, sunbutter etc. on it. Then slice a banana and put the slices on top of the peanut butter. If it is a dessert put a few chocolate chips on and top with another tortilla. Place on the grill and it is kid friendly and adult approved sweetness. For breakfast all you have to do is avoid the chocolate and just roll a banana in a tortilla topped with peanut butter. Yum!

Craving something sweet but don't want to do the sugary cereal? Try a chocolate shake!  Umm... sign me up please!
Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake | -8514
Recipe from the Messy Baker Blog!
This looks absolutely SINFUL!  But the great part is that is is pretty healthy. It is made with ingredients like greek yogurt and almond milk. Gives it a creamy smooth texture but still sinfully delish!

Need more options... Check out these as well!

Gluten Free... Paleo diet? Check these scones out
Muesli Scones

Again riding the Paleo wave..

So now that you have the tools to start your day off right it is time to start prioritizing Mama!   Today I shall leave you with the breakfast club... Fitting eh?
Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself & a little less time trying to impress people.  - The Breakfast Club

Earth Day Fun

 Activities for Earth day... Really?  Of Course! What a great day to celebrate all the goodness that is around us in this world. It is such a so great thing to see a child appreciate their surroundings. To smell the flowers, play in the grass, to find pictures in the clouds! What a blessing it is to see our little ones appreciate the things that we so often take for granted!
 So in honor of earth day here are a few activities that you can do with your little ones to celebrate!
I always do this handprint craft with my kids, but I love the idea of adding their written promises to the art itself! Yay for jazzing up old ideas.
Earth Craft
What a great idea to have your children pledge to do their part!  Simply have make a planet with a hand print. Super easy...Blue paper...Green Paint...Done. The important part is that the child makes a pledge to do something good for the world. This craft provides a great opportunity to talk to your children about what areas even the little hands can be of use. Everyone can pick up a piece of trash, most can plant a tree... etc.  For my kids, my bet is that they would pick up trash. If it means that they can get dirty... they are IN!

How about a good book or two?  Here are some Earth day appropriate reads for your little ones
Earth Day Children's Books. - Africa to America Teach kids to love and respect the earth. Spending time outside refreshes the spirit.
Earth Day Books

Next up is a great craft for the tiny ones.  An easy way to express to your wee ones how to the Earth is comprised of land and water. You simply need a coffee filter and one bowl of water and green food dye and the second bowl of water and blue food dye. Have the child place drops of dye on the coffee filter to represent earth and water. I like to use large paint brushes for the 2 to 3 year olds because it gives them more control!
Earth Day Craft
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I have two tots that love to help me in the kitchen so the next one is something that is on my to-do list tomorrow.  Don't come knocking around 1pm tomorrow because my kitchen will be covered in flour sugar and a whole lot of smiles!

Check out this blog for the recipe!

Earth Day Cookie Recipe

I mean really... how cute are those!!

Need an activity that will be interactive and also work on vocabulary? How about some Earth Day Bingo!

Free Earth Day Bingo Boards

If the cookies in the recipe above have not satisfied your sweet tooth then why not have a bit of chocolate.  If your kids are going to eat chocolate why not make it look like dirt and stick worms in it... completely logical right!??!!  Of course.. Worm pudding time!
worm and dirt deserts | Worms in Dirt Pudding Cups | TasteSpotting

Had enough of the sweets??  Want to get back to learning? Here is a great worksheet for the 4 year old and up crowd
Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom: Earth Day Freebie!

Back to being active... Time to make a terrarium with your toddlers! The great part is that it is fun to make and you can teach the child about recycling too!

If these activities don't fill your day then you are a way more productive person than me!! I plan doing one or two of these to make sure my kids get a chance to enjoy the world that they live in!
 Enjoy making memories!

Activities for 2 Year olds!

Sometimes it is hard to find a list of kid activities that is great for the tiny toddlers in your life.  Not anymore!! Here is a handpicked list of activities for 2 year olds!

Kids Activities Blog

15 activities for 2 year olds
15 activities for 2 year olds

Have fun!!

Giveaway Time!

Did you see that we are giving away a Luvi Blanket!?  Awesome! We are not only giving away a luvi blanket but you get to have more than one chance to win!  All you have to do is like our page on facebook at Kinderkeepsakes ! You get your second entry by following us on instagram !  Wait... there is a third way to get an entry!  If you share Kinderkeepsake's status about giveaways, or this blog post, on your own FB page then comment that you shared on our page you get an additional entry!  Who likes free stuff?? ME!!   Thank you for all of your support so far and we look forward to giving one lucky lass a new blankie!

Creative Kid Friendly Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

I opened my box of Easter egg dye for my kids and realized that I was sick of doing the same old same old!  I wanted a new creative way to dye eggs!  I have used the typical drop the tab in vinegar FOREVER... time to step up my egg dying ways!   The problem with this is if I change too much then I am going to be a thirty something mom dying eggs by herself! That's right... change too much and it makes it too hard for my tots!  What is the fun in that??! So here are a few fun and creative ways that you can color your eggs and still have the kids involved!

SILK TIE DYE !  Watch out dads... we are coming for your ties!
Dye Easter Eggs Using Old Neckties! -->
HGTV Gardens came up with an awesome way to change this family tradition for the better...
You wrap the eggs in silk ties (obviously ones you never want to see or use again!) and then wrap the bundle with a bit of scrap fabric. silk-dyed neckties
Place in a saucepan with water and vinegar and cook for 20 minutes. Wait to cool and you get awesome eggs!  See full directions HERE!

Striped Easter Eggs! From Indie Fixx

Similar to the last one but still very easy and different for the kids!!

Rubber Band EGGS from
Egg Dyeing: Rubber Bands Technique

Or  we could go back to the shaving cream...
Tye dye Easter eggs with shaving cream
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Melted Crayon Easter Eggs
Create colorful EASTER EGGS using Melted Crayons.  It's easy to do + KIDS will LOVE it. Read the tutorial now or Pin for Later!

Thumb Print Eggs
Cute DIY Thumb print Easter eggs
Hot Glue Easter Eggs

Paper Napkin Eggs
Napkin Decoupage eggs

I hope you try at least one new method this year!  You never know it may lead to finding your new 'favorite'!

Have fun making memories!

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